Need to find a plumber?

PIÑEVAL is covering the Salinas, Monovar and Elda area

If you need to find a plumber: The shop is located in Salinas and has an absolutely amazing selection of items in the hardware store!

PIÑEVAL services include:

  • Plumbing Service / Heating Installation and Maintenance
  • Gas Installation and Service
  • Sale of wood burners and pellet ovens
  • Swimming pool installation and maintenance
  • Solar Energy Installation
  • Sale of spare parts for electrical appliances, heaters, boilers, etc…

Anything you need to find a plumber for, they can do it!

PIÑEVAL is a Spanish company, so if you can’t speak Spanish, simply send a WhatsApp message to:

+34 615 30 08 77

To find this plumber is easy:

C\Miguel de Unamuno, 41

03638 Salinas – Alicante

Here is the google maps link

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