New home, new lifestyle


Here we have list’s of properties that we have handpicked for you and your new lifestyles. Simply check out what we have selected and don’t waste your time on properties in Spain that are of no interest to you!

For example , if you can’t imagine to live without that round of golf: Look for our "Golf Enthusiast"

I truely hope, that I have made finding "your" ideal property a little easier by providing these shortlist. In case I didn’t:

You can always get in touch!

How are you?

Party animal, or tranquillity lover? Athlete, or couch potato? Dynamic or relaxed? Retired or starting new? Socializer or hermit? Animal lover, or pet hair allergy? Beach or mountain? Bicycle or motorbike? Mikado or Martial Arts? Sports car or SUV? Modern or traditional? DIY gifted or two left hands? Horses or budgies? What lifestyles can you see yourself in?

Where do you want to be?

Finca or Urbanisation? Apartment or Villa? Country house or mid terraced? Renovating of key ready? Mansion or Cave house? City centre or countryside? Mountain or coastal? High street or suburb? Resale or new build? Reformed or Project? Bird watching or train spotting? All this is important when choosing new lifestyles.

How will you get there?

Ask yourself HOW and WHERE and check out these helpful new livestyle list’s by simply clicking on the title that describes you and your ideas the most.

You are missing a shortlist?

Just let me know and we will try to create a list with the livestyle you are missing!

Which new Lifestyle suits you?

Buy a Casa Rural or Bed & Breakfast

Thinking about opening a B & B business in Spain? Good idea!! Firstly I would like to …

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Plots of land to build your dream

You would like to build your dream home under the sun? All that is missing now is the right plot of land? Well, you have come to the right place, because we have plots of land to build …

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Buy a waterfront property! Beach life

Why buy a waterfront property? A beach visit generally means spending more time in the sun, which means more Vitamin D, and that’…

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Rent to buy your dream

A Rent to Buy (also known as Rent To Own) is a contractual arrangement where a property is rented for a specific time period, with the option to purchase the property for a pre-agreed price during that term. The initial payment and all the rent monies paid during the rental …

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Golf Enthusiast

A shortlist of costa blanca golf properties for sale…

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Equestrian Heaven

A shortlist of equestrian properties for sale…

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Home Office Heroes

A shortlist of home office possibilities for sale…

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Luxury Country Life

A shortlist of luxury country houses for sale…

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Off Grid Life – Solar Power

A shortlist of the nicest off grid houses for sale…

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Village Happiness

A shortlist of village houses for sale…

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Pool Paradise

A shortlist of private pool houses for sale…

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Properties for DIY Heroes

A shortlist of project houses for sale…

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Cave House – why choose to live in a cave?

A shortlist of cave houses for sale…

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