Village Happiness

A shortlist of village houses for sale

Why live in a village?

Decelerate your life and start enjoying it in a village were it is normal to greet a person when passing. Stop for a chat in the street, know the people having a drink in the local bar and join them on the spur of a moment ….. just because you like to!

  • The environment of the village is quiet and it is lived in a simpler way than in the city.
  • You can live closer to nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes.
  • You will be able to breathe cleaner air than in cities.
  • You are sure to have better health, a more active life and healthier lifestyle habits than people who live in cities.
  • The tranquillity and peace in the life of the villages give opportunities for reflection and mental development, something impossible in the stressful life of the city.
  • The abundance of trees and vegetation allows for a healthier living environment.

We have luxury houses and houses to reform on offer. Take a look and see if you can find your dream house.

Village Houses for Sale

Beautifully presented Village house in Canada de la Lena

Canada de la Lena

Village house

Stunning Village house in El Pinós/Pinoso

El Pinós/Pinoso

Village house

8 Bedroom, 2 Bath Village House with Stables and Kennels in Caballusa – Pinoso

Village house

Marvelous Restoration Project in Casas del Señor

Casas del Señor

Village house

Spacious 4 bed village house in Torre Del Rico

Torre Del Rico

Village house

Village House with a roof terrace and land in Monovar


Village house

Village House for reforming in Macisvenda, Murcia.


Village house

Village House with a roof terrace in Las Virtudes, Villena


Village house

Village House in Raspay in need of reforming


Village house

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