Properties for DIY Heroes

A shortlist of project houses for sale

What makes it a challenge?

From ruin

Ruins have become an entity of fascination and romanticization. They are picturesque memories to the past — physical reminders of what once was and the inevitable powers of time and decay. Breathe new life into a derelict shell and put your own stamp on it.

To dream

Invest some muscle power into your dream home. Envisage what the derelict shed could be, once you have given your project the TLC it deserves. Put your DIY skills to good use and create your dream.

Project Properties for Sale

Restoration Project in Caudete


Restoration Project

Country house in Yecla to reform


Restoration Project

Restoration Project with amazing views in Aspe


Restoration Project

Challenge Project in Sax


Restoration Project

Townhouse for restoration in Salinas near Sax.


Restoration Project

Restoration Project in Jumilla


Restoration Project

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