Friedrich Wilhelm Cabrera

Evaluation of Margret, Casabien Inland Villas:

If you want to go to Spain, to live there, away from the German stress, away from constraints, towards the sun, then you have an excellent idea that can catapult you into a long-awaited feeling of well-being.
Please note, I said CAN! But first of all, you need to have a lot of nerve and patience.

Your family doctor could certainly prescribe some things to spare your nerves. Or you could choose the right estate agent right from the start.
If you think you can handle everything on your own, then I would be happy to make a bet with you.
But you better not bet, but contact Margret Traue. She is a multi-talent in the most diverse areas of expertise around the purchase of a house and also has excellent contacts to authorities and specialist lawyers.

Margret has been living in Spain for years and speaks fluent English and Spanish in addition to her mother tongue. She is very familiar with the possible pitfalls of dealing with the authorities, which are sometimes perceived as torture. It is precisely at this point that Margret will provide follow-up support. And that after she has already received her fee as an estate agent for the house. Margret will not charge you for this care.

If you later discover one or the other little flaw in the house, she will help you to find experts, also with German craftsmanship. Margret gives you the complete package!

After years of service in the USA, I myself returned to Spain to my pension. My contacts with estate agents were initially made via the Internet from the USA.
The house selection, up to the actual purchase was also a learning phase. My "teacher" Margret was able to elicit my real living needs from me at an early stage of buying. She already knew before me what was good for me and my family when living. She asked specific questions and very quickly analysed the needs of her customers.

If Margret has scanned you, then you may confidently sort out those rotten apples on the real estate market.
In the market, which is then cleared up, Margret will finally take you by the hand and start the inspection. And then you will find what you are looking for and be happy.

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