Hermann Pramböck

In 2018 we had considered moving from Germany to Spain. During our research on the internet we came across Margret from Casabien Inland Villas, originally because of the purchase of a resale property. After a few telephone calls with her we decided to build a new house to avoid having to renovate endlessly until the project completely meets our expectations. Margret quickly established contact with a local construction company and accompanied us with a lot of patience and empathy during the property inspections and afterwards in the decision phase up to the purchase contract. I very quickly learned to appreciate her open and direct manner. Trust is very important in such a step. But the service did not end with the conclusion of the contract.

It is no exaggeration to say that without Margret’s help I might not have been able to decide on such a project in the first place, because I was very concerned about tackling such a project over a long distance and over a longer period of time. In addition, there were concerns about Spanish property law, local bureaucracy, our lack of language skills and so on… After all, one invests a lot of money and wants to be sure that in the end one gets what one expected. But we experienced very competent support from A to Z during the construction phase, and also afterwards. Even today, half a year after moving into the new dream house, we still fall back on her knowledge of the country and the industry from time to time. And I can only say that we have not regretted the decision to date.
So a heartfelt thank you for everything and a clear recommendation to confide in Margret Traue form Casabien Inland Villas, or in other words: 5 stars for the great care and company!!!

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