Where can you find ….?

Little shoping guide

There you are, all geared up to get started, but you don’t know were to go to get those bits and bobs you need. So you are asking yourself: where can I find …..

Are there any DIY stores in Spain and what are they called?

Of course there are DIY stores, the most common in the Costa Blanca region are:

where to find diy stores



find diy stores

Those are too far away, or you only need something small like a washer or some screws? Do not despair, just ask Google for " Ferretería " near by. It will show you all the hardware stores in your area.

Most are small shop’s, but surprisingly well stocked! If you don’t know what screw and nut mean in Spanish, just show them a picture on your phone!

Should you be in need of building materials, " materiales de construcción " is what you are looking for. More than likely you will need to have it delivered, the words for this are: " Entregar por favor " and this is the moment when you find out that WhatsApp is your best friend in Spain! Every delivery driver uses WhatsApp to navigate, simply send them the location and your delivery will arrive safely at your doorstep! Location = Ubicación

Need to do something in the garden? Looking for a nursery? Here the magic word is: " Viveros " . Tell the person working there for which area you are buying and they will be able to tell you what plant will thrive there ….. also which wont!

Not to be underestimated are the "Chinese Supermarkets", they are like Aladins Cave when you are hunting for something and don’t know were to look for it. The "MercaChina" or "MercaAsia" stock everything from Ant traps to Zip lock bags, or Plug adapters and Gift cards. Basically, if the Chino hasn’t got it, you can’t get it anywhere.

So if you need to by a plug adapter, extention lead, plastic buckets, a garden shovel, clothes pegs, duckt tape, crockery or anything else around the house,


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